NND Guide #1 – Registering to an Account

11 Aug

NND Guide 1 : Registering for an Account

There are already a billion guides of similar content but since I’m sometimes lazy to google things (especially on a site that is supposed to be specializing in that topic) I’ll post up a guide anyway so you guys don’t have to roam around the internet for a guide.

This guide will be filled with images for easy to follow directions so I’m sorry if some of the images might end up being outdated when you drop by. I’ll try to update as often as possible.

[EDIT: So…I made this while going step-by-step to register and I didn’t notice it changed…so you’ll see real time commentary. I didn’t know that registration was so convenient now o____o]

This is was the special homepage on the day I did this screenshot. The basic layout is the same as the normal one. 🙂

This is the homepage (much more colorful than when I registered for NND a few years back) and at first glance it is really intimidating like most foreign language homepage sites since there a bunch of characters (letters) that you may not know everywhere. I’ll get to browsing on the next guide.

Nico Nico Douga (or Nico Video) is a Japanese website for video streaming, whether it be live or uploaded, or other things. Think of it as a Japanese Youtube. Yes, there is a good handful of Japanese users on Youtube as well, but what I’ve noticed is we tend to flock to our home land/languages sites since there are more people who speak our own language rather than a foreign site where we might not understand comments and other users.

Well here are some of the features that kind of characterizes NND from other sites:

-real-time comments scroll across the screen as you watch. If you comment on the video at a particular time, it will scroll across that screen to be seen by everyone at the time. I’ll talk about this more in another tutorial.

-a mylist, or a playlist that marks your favorites

-a mypage, similar to a social networking site where you have the option to add friends, join communities, watch updates, and earn points (depending on your activity in the website)

-a memory function, the ability to preserve certain comments in a video

-and more!

It’s very important to get an account since if you want to watch videos on NND, you’ll have to have an account or else you get intercepted by this page.

Oh darn, intercepted. I forgot to log in OTL

Let’s get started then.

1. First, let’s click on that big yellow button on the left sidebar on the homepage. (If you are at the interceptor page, click on the big yellow button as well.)

Click on the big yellow buttons to register! The Blue ones are for logging in!

2. First you will come to a page that looks like this.

The first page to registering in Japanese.

I haven’t been to this register page in awhile but it seems like they have accommodated the overseas fans by providing us with translated pages. (Now…it seems like my guide is worthless haha) At the bottom of the screen, next to “Selected Language”, click the Japanese characters and it’ll open up something like this.

How convenient is registration now? :O

I recommended clicking here and selected a language you understand. It’ll most likely read you location and select the appropriate language for you to register. From there just follow the directions.

Wow…so convenient now huh? Before I had to guess and check to register.

Well, I guess now we should move onto more useful tutorials since the full site isn’t in English.


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