[Music] 終わりの惑星のLOVESONG (Love Song(s) of the Ending Planet)

12 Aug

This is the limited edition (CD+DVD) album cover by ごとP (GotoP)

I nearly pissed my pants when I got this in the mail, for real (sometime in April). I’m a huge Yanagi Nagi fan since her utaite days on NND but I’m also a fan of the KEY games (and the animes that followed), so when I heard that Jun Maeda and Nagi was collaborating I jumped at the chance to order their album. Of course though, the single came out first and I usually don’t buy physical singles since I’d rather save my money for full albums. The full album came out but then I saw the limited edition set with the DVD of the music videos and I quickly went to grab it (and it was…expensive. Even the normal edition was expensive…) It now sits on my bookshelf with my other albums I’ve had the chance to purchase. I love special edition stuff (video games, music, etc.)

On the left is the normal edition of full album cover by ごとP (GotoP)
and on the right is the cover of the single “Killer Song” by ZEN.

終わりの惑星のLOVESONG (Love Song(s) of the Ending Planet) is a original concept collaborative album, released on April 25th, 2012, between two big names in the OST business in Japan. One being 麻枝 准 (Jun Maeda) of KEY fame (Angel Beats!, Clannad, Little Busters!, AIR, and Kanon are his notable works) and the other being ex-utaite on NND, やなぎ なぎ (Yanagi Nagi) of supercell fame with the song “君の知らない物語 (The Story You Didn’t Know)” for the anime ED, 化物語 (Bakemonogatari).

The music from this album perfectly suits Nagi who has the clear, light, but mature voice. If you are a huge fan of the KEY games like I am, you would’ve listened to these songs and felt a sense of familiarity of Jun Maeda’s other works. I liked all the songs to a certain extent and enjoyed the various tempos of each song and how even though each song was talking about a different situation, the idea of love (all of them being pretty complicated in some way) being threaded through. This is obviously why this album is named “Love Song(s) of the Ending Planet”.

The album contains 13 tracks, and if you have the limited edition album, a DVD containing 5 music videos for 5 of the tracks (you can view them here). Both the original and limited edition contains the booklet that has all the illustrations for each track and lyrics (in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English – which are prone to some errors that make me doubt the abilities of the translators or the proofreaders…so with that, I will re-translate all the songs into English since I like them so much. Haha!)

Notes About Album:

  • There is actually a 14th “track” titled “誕生” or “Birth” which consists of 6 seconds of a baby crying.
  • The artwork is done by various artist ranging from established game artist, short novel cover artists, and even a Pixiv artist.
  • In the album’s title, “終わりの惑星のLOVESONG”, the kanji “惑星” meaning “planet” is usually read as “wakusei” but the furigana “ホシ” so you’ll see some site write the title was “Owari no Wakusei no LOVE SONG” instead of “Owari no Hoshi no LOVE SONG”. I usually just follow the furigana when it pops up. (Little Japanese lesson: “惑星” is planet. It contains the character “星” which means star. They are two different things though.)
  • In the Japanese lyrics booklet, the lyrics for “凍る夢 (Frozen Dream)” fades out as you move across the page.

Track List:

Japanese Title

English Title*



From the End of the World



The Ark for the Two of Us


Killer Song

Killer Song


Flower Garden

Flower Garden



The Invincible Soldier



Frozen Dream



Executioner’s Love



The Whims of a Certain Pirate



A Planet Where Snow Doesn’t Fall



The Wizard of Flametop Mountain


Last Smile

Last Smile



Conditions for a Hero



A Birthday Song for the Planet


*The English titles are what I translated them as, not the English titles in the booklet I got (which I found severely lakcing in some sense.)


2 Responses to “[Music] 終わりの惑星のLOVESONG (Love Song(s) of the Ending Planet)”

  1. Amber August 19, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    Any chance you’ll make a download link of this album? I want to buy it so bad but I can’t find an import ANYWHERE. Nor a download. :/ Only youtube videos.

    • rhynochi November 8, 2012 at 6:37 am #

      Sorry for the late reply, school is making me super busy so I don’t update (got a bunch of lyrics on hold on my computer though)

      I can make a download link for this album. 🙂 You can only find this album usually in .flac files so it’s hard to find device compatible files.

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