Piapro Guide #1 – Registering to Piapro

12 Aug

Piapro Guide #1: Registering to Piapro

For all of you Vocaloid fans, this is the fanart site just for you. It is strictly a website open for fan-made creations using or for Vocaloids.

Piapro is a site set up by Crypton (the creators of a good handful of popular vocaloids like Miku, the Kagamine twins, MEIKO, KAITO, etc.) to allow fans to upload fan-made creations without it being interpreted as copyright infringement.

This is Piapro’s current homepage.

Under the Japanese law code, which strictly preserves the original creator’s rights, secondary fan art may be interpreted as copyright violation. Since the Vocaloid movement owes it’s popularity to these fan creations, Crypton approved these creations through a license similar to Creative Commons (Crypon is not a member of this association.) Users are encouraged to post illustrations, music, and lyrics onto Piapro. Piapro authorizes the use of these creations for the non-commercial purpose automatically when posted. This arrangement is only adopted by Crypton. No other Vocaloid distributor has a plan like this currently.

Now, you can use and browse this website without needing a Piapro account but if you want to download anything from this site or keep track of pictures you like then you’ll need an account. (Also, this is a great place to thank the original creator of a picture or a song but also to tell them that you are using their creation and give credit. Who knows, they may personally thank you.)

So, let’s get started.

1. First, click on either the yellow button in the center banner on the front page or look in the right corner and click the bottom grey button. They look like this:

Look for these to begin the registration!

2. Next you will reach the Terms & Agreement page. Just scroll down and press the

Click this to continue.

3. You will now be lead to the next page. It’ll look like this (my image is translated). Just enter your current email address and click the next button to continue.

Click to enlarge~

4. The next page will inform you that a confirmation email was sent to your email. From here, you can’t continue until you go and confirm your email by clicking the URL supplied to continue onto the next step of registration.

Click to enlarge

5. When you click the link you received in your email, it’ll open up a new tab/window and just fill out the information that they asked. You don’t have to fill out the whole thing, just the asterisked (*) ones. I translated the whole section for easy following. When you are done, just press the button to continue onwards!

Click to Enlarge!

6. Here you can review all the info you have entered and make sure they are correct. If they aren’t, press the previous button to go back and make any necessary changes. (Make sure to re-enter your password before clicking on the button to bring you back to the confirmation of user info page.) If they are, press the “Confirm” button. Everything is translated below.

Click to Enlarge!

7. After that you are done. If you want to sign up for the mobile registration you can by scanning the code with your smart phone (I believe you need to download an app for that on your iPhone or Android phones)

It is now complete!!

I don’t believe there is a popular script (add-on) to allow an English translation of the sites interface out yet since Piapro isn’t as popular as Pixiv. A lot (if not all) the artists on Piapro also have accounts on Pixiv to share their art (Vocaloid or others). There may also be artist who do Vocaloid fanart that aren’t on Piapro but only on Pixiv.

But for all you Vocaloid fans who don’t want to comb through possible crossover fanarts or anything that might popup that’s not related to Vocaloid, this is the site for you. It is also a good place to look through other things not involved with illustration such as music or lyrics.

Now that you have an account, you can download music, fanart, etc. which I will cover in my next guide for Piapro. I hope this helped.


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