Hello! It seems you have somehow stumbled onto my blog, whether it be from Youtube or actually randomly coming here. Either way, I welcome you.
Initially, I made this blog to post up lyrics for my videos since I wasn’t sure if I was gonna put romaji on them or not but also because people like being able to have a physical document in front of them when it involves lyrics for them to copy and paste and share.

As time went by however, I decided it’d be a good place for me to just share more indepth vocaloid stuff if I can (the VocaRan, info on producers, maybe utaites, etc) since I usually don’t go into that stuff but maybe with you guys you can come along for the ride.

I also plan on posting some stuff involving the Japanese fandom culture (for the more obsessed, otaku culture) like video games, animes, short novels, manga, non-vocaloid lyrics, etc. I’ll also do guides on how to log on to stuff and use them since a lot of these sites aren’t particularly non-Japanese friendly.

Well, I guess you are now invited to come on a ride with me as I explore the internet and hopefully inspire you or maybe feed your love to go to Japan or go try things you’ve never thought of reading/playing/etc.

I hope you guys enjoy, Pipokko (Chi)


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