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[Music] 終わりの惑星のLOVESONG (Love Song(s) of the Ending Planet)

12 Aug

This is the limited edition (CD+DVD) album cover by ごとP (GotoP)

I nearly pissed my pants when I got this in the mail, for real (sometime in April). I’m a huge Yanagi Nagi fan since her utaite days on NND but I’m also a fan of the KEY games (and the animes that followed), so when I heard that Jun Maeda and Nagi was collaborating I jumped at the chance to order their album. Of course though, the single came out first and I usually don’t buy physical singles since I’d rather save my money for full albums. The full album came out but then I saw the limited edition set with the DVD of the music videos and I quickly went to grab it (and it was…expensive. Even the normal edition was expensive…) It now sits on my bookshelf with my other albums I’ve had the chance to purchase. I love special edition stuff (video games, music, etc.)

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