This is placed out so I don’t have to answer the same questions over and over.



Can I use your lyrics (romaji, Japanese, English)? 

Feel free to use the Japanese and romaji since those don’t belong to me. To clarify, I didn’t write the kanji and the romaji is just romanization of the Japanese characters so I see no reason for me to claim those either. Feel free to use those as long as you make sure to credit the wonderful composer/lyricist on their work. The English translations are a different matter. I am fine with you just swooping in and taking the translations to share with other, as long as you give me credit for it. Free use for all, just remember to credit since I worked on it, okay?

There’s no MP3 link on some of your song posts. Can I have them?

Well, for Vocaloid songs I plan on linking to nicosound so you may get the mp3 for them. Where I draw the line is when those producers begin to create physical albums with those songs exclusively on there. I won’t give out download links to those since I’d prefer if you support through your purchase. If you still don’t feel like it, I believe you can find download links across the internet. For anime OST songs, I could lead you to a site that I usually use since I don’t like purchasing singles usually either.

But remember, support through purchase! If I find super reliable sites that others recommend, then I will link you guys as well.

Why do some of your lyrics not have videos on them?

I simply haven’t done a video for it yet or it is sitting on my computer ready to be rendered and uploaded but I’m concerned about space and time issues. They’ll get uploaded sooner or later.

Can you make a guide about “this”?

Hmm…it depends on if I use it or not as well. If it is something totally obscure to me, I’m not sure if I could be of any help, but I’ll try anyway. I use Pixiv, Piapro, and Nico site most of the time. I tend to actually know Korean sites better…>____>

Can you recommend me products to learn Japanese?

Uh, sure. I’ll conjure up a list when I have time. Japanese is a pretty popular 2nd or 3rd language so there are a lot of sites that can help if you just search them up, so good language choice.

I’d also recommend learning Korean and Chinese if you are basing your fandoms into your interest of culture and language. They have some popular pop culture like K-Pop or C-Pop. If you want to get totally unique, pick up a SE. Asian language like Thai or Vietnamese (tends to be harder to find things for self-learning…or learning in general since they aren’t as popular. If you live in the N. East or West coast of the US, you are pretty lucky to be able to get pretty diverse language classes.)


If there is anything else, I’ll frequently update this to assist in your interests. 🙂


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