As you dive into the Vocaloid fandom some more you’ll see that many sites tend to pop-up but when you get on it’s like an attack of gibberish to you since you might not know Japanese, but have no fear, I made a guide for it. (I bet there are like a billion guides of similar content so if you want to go to those feel free. ^^)

Nico Nico Douga
I will create as many guides as needed to make your exploration of this site as simple as possible. It’ll range from simply how-to-use to even etiquette and slang (since you don’t want to upset people or roam around cluelessly sometimes.)

I. Registering onto Nico Nico

-It’s pretty easy and you might not need this guide if you are fluent at signing onto Japanese sites, but you know, I guess I saved time.


I. Registering for Piapro

-Easy-peasy you guys. 🙂


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